Mercury MerCruiser Inboards

Do It All. Never Look Back

Do It All. Never Look Back

No matter what type of boating interest your most Mercry MerCruiser can power it better than anyone else. Our extensive range of sterndrive, inboard and tow sport engines is the most comprehensive lineup in the industry, all engineered to provide the best possible boating experience. The answer to your propulsion needs Mercury MerCruiser.

Built for marine

Mercury Mer Cruiser engines and dive systems are designed, tested  and built exclusively for the marine environment. That translates to best-in-class reliability, dependability and long-lasting performance. Patented metallurgy technology. State of the art electronics. Robust manufacturing. Gruelling lab, endurance and open water testing. What goes into a Mercury MerCruiser determines what you get out. Easy maintenance, low cost of ownership and true peace of mind.

Others can’t compare

Mercury MerCruiser has a heritage of durability and performance that others can only dream about. nothing compares to the efficiency and well mannered power of Mercury MerCruiser. Ultra responsive acceleration. Impressive manoeuvrability. Superior durability for unmatched performance. And the large displacement of Mercury MerCruiser means it will barely break a sweat, all while being on the easiest to maintain engine you’ll ever own.

Out in from where it counts

Electronic controls that make boating simpler than ever. Engine monitoring systems that eliminates worries. Emissions Control Technology that makes you feel goof about running cleaner with less environmental impact. Mercury MerCruiser leads the industry in innovations that make boating better. For you and the world around you.


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